In practice I mainly work with energy. More specifically, with the Qi flowing through various energy channels in your body. And illness arises where the energy is out of balance for a long time or severely.

At Spirit Path, your complaints are therefore always viewed from the holistic view that body, soul and spirit show a mirror of your current state of being. An injury in the shoulder can be caused by overload or by an imbalance of the large intestine or gallbladder meridian. 

Ultimately, what matters to me is that your complaints disappear, so that you can continue with what you are here for on earth - realizing your piece of heaven on earth: the heavenly mandate.


Laat je prikken door Karen, ze zorgt goed voor je op de bank. Ze kiest zorgvuldig wat je nodig hebt, zodat jij je veilig voelt. Haar behandeling slaat aan. En het is nog een leuk en lief mens ook. Kortom: Spirit Path is the-way-to-go.


Spirit Path refers to acupuncture point Lingdào on the Heart meridian. According to the ancient healing texts you set someone on the 'Path of his Soul' when you poke this point.

By working under this name Spirit Path reflects my vision on acupuncture: via hands, intuition and needles, I guide people to their soul mission.

I believe that this guidance is necessary, because I also believe and learned that everything is energy. And energy is continuously in motion and inextricably linked.

So if you don't do what will make your energy flow, your system will make it known through all kinds of physical, mental and emotional complaints.

Bij Karen voel ik me in veilige en kundige handen. Ik ben bij haar gekomen met verschillende vraagstukken. Ze bekijkt en bevraagt dezen in het totaal en stemt de huidige behoefte af, waarbij ze het grotere plaatje heel duidelijk weet te beschrijven en je daardoor ook echt onderdeel laat zijn van het proces. Doordat ze haar kennis zo duidelijk en warm over kan brengen werk je daardoor echt samen met Karen aan je herstel, groei en potentie, wat je kracht geeft. De effecten van de behandelingen zijn enorm en heel bijzonder, ik zal een ieder aanraden om met haar deze reis voor zichzelf aan te gaan.

The practitioner

Graduated in 2011 as a sociologist and working in communication, but after a long detour I am back on my Spirit Path: that of 'when I grow up' - doctor, healer, healer. Because from an early age I have been captivated by plants, herbs, and the art of healing. 

In recent years I have followed all kinds of studies, courses and therapies to nourish my own Path with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Since 2002 I have started studying the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The holistic philosophy and energy-based approach got me hooked on TCM. DThis recently (2022) resulted in the cum laude obtaining of my diploma in Acupuncture at the TCMA.

Because the practice is connected to the NVA, I am obliged to continue training so that I stay informed of all new applications, point combinations and tools to help you best.