In March 2024, the beginning of The Alchemy of your Nature‎‎ started, a ceremonial series of elements spanning a year. Within an intimate circle of 10 participants, we delve into the Five Elements (seasons), learning to interpret and resolve the body's signals (meridians). This is conducted in the manner of ancient gatherings: within a ceremonial circle.

The ceremonial setting encompasses workshops on Traditional Chinese Medicine (mind), Yin Yoga classes (body), and emotionally liberating exercises (heart). Both individually and collectively, you will engage, equipped with holistic tools to comprehend the signals of your Nature. The aim is to live in accordance with a balanced elemental alchemy, harmonizing with your Legend (soul).


Karen quickly made me feel at ease. She is a gentle and empathetic person who rigorously goes straight to the core with great healing capacity. Her acupuncture sessions exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend a session with her to anyone experiencing mental, physical, or energetic issues!

One-size vs. Nature

Do you feel trapped in a one-size-fits-all life? Do you notice that the pace of society overwhelms you?

Stop doubting and tinkering with yourself. Discover ancient wisdom, learn to recognize the signals of your Nature for more self-confidence, and join like-minded individuals. Take the Elemental Alchemy test and uncover how the Five Elements are represented in your body and system. 

Do the Elemental Alchemy test here .

Karen's dedication to me was and continues to be truly inspiring. Her commitment to intertwining knowledge, love, and the wisdom of ancient Chinese medicine in her work is commendable. Her profound understanding of these practices is reflected in the care she provides to others and to me.

Ceremony schedule

Discover the cycle of the Five Elements in this series of ceremonies. Each ceremony, based on Yin and Yang meridians and organs, begins in the Spring with Wood, followed by Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

The ceremonies are flexible: participate in one or all ceremonies.

Tip: I recommend you to participate at least in the element where you score either very high or very low (below 5/above 10).

Wood Ceremony: March 17th
Fire Ceremony: June 9th
Earth Ceremony: September 8th
Metal Ceremony: November 17th
Water Ceremony: January 5th

Which element is calling to you?

Karen knows what she's doing and tailors her expertise to your personal story and the signals of your body. I also appreciate her interdisciplinary approach, and the space she uses feels very warm and welcoming.

Practical Information

There are only 10 spots available per ceremony. Each ceremony follows the same structure, with 2 breaks between the program components. Drinks, snacks, dinner, syllabus, yoga materials, and a special notebook are included in the price.

If you're interested, you have two options:

Option 1
One Element Ceremony for €222 

Option 2
All Five Element Ceremonies for €1.010 

Both options have cancellation policies, and prices are exclusive of VAT.

Does this sound like your opportunity? Sign up via email. Do you have any questions? Send an email to info@spiritpath.nl.

With Karen, you are truly in good hands. I've had some really wonderful sessions, learned a lot, and had beautiful conversations. I always came out of the sessions with so much balance and peace. 100% one of the nicest places to be.

Ceremony Contents

Learn the basics of TCM with a focus on the Five Element theory. Understand Yin and Yang, bodily fluids, organs, and meridians. Explore acupuncture points and receive nutritional tips.

The afternoon continues with a customized Yin Yoga class, in harmony with the Five Elements. Experience how this yoga restores and balances your Nature.

Conclude with emotionally liberating exercises that explore the specific emotions of each Element, thus enhancing your self-awareness and connection with others.

At The Alchemy of your Nature‎‎  curiosity about alternative healing methods, a desire for movement, the need for social contact, and dedication to your own Legend are essential.

Take the Elemental Alchemy test now and sign up by sending an email.

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