Acupuncture helps to balance and integrate the Qi, Yin and Yang in our system. As a result, most physical, mental and emotional complaints are reduced by acupuncture, but even more often they disappear completely after a treatment program.

Complaints that benefit greatly from the methods offered are: insomnia, back pain, abdominal complaints, edema, fibromyalgia, headache, IBS, allergies, gynecological complaints, tinnitus, menopause, burnout, depression, nervousness, anxiety and panic.

Dit is een topper! Kundig en mensgericht. Karen luistert goed en haar aandacht en liefde voor de mens is tijdens het behandelen duidelijk voelbaar. Bovendien reikt haar holistische werkwijze verder dan alleen acupunctuur waardoor klachten echt en langdurig aangepakt kunnen worden.


An initial treatment consists of several parts. During this intake I look at your tongue, I feel your pulse and I take the anamnesis. Together, these diagnostic interventions provide an overall picture of your imbalance.

This is followed by several treatments in which we check after 4 sessions whether the desired result has been achieved or is in sight. In the case of chronic imbalance, a longer trajectory is recommended: approximately 3 to 6 months.

Clients come once every 2-3 weeks. In the beginning, however, often once every 10 days. The treatment method may change depending on the nature of your complaints. I will always discuss this with you.


Intake plus behandeling
(75 minuten) €95

Acupunctuur behandeling 
(50 minuten)
– €82,50

Vijf Elementen behandeling
(80 minuten) €115

Feng Shui Intro
(120 minuten) €75

Reiskosten en -tijd bij thuisafspraak – €10

Want to cancel?
Life sometimes (or often) turns out differently than you planned and that can suddenly prevent you from attending. You can cancel your booked treatment free of charge if you notify us minimum of 48 hours with your name by sending an email. If this term is not used, I will unfortunately invoice a cancellation fee of €82,50

In de handen van Karen voel ik me altijd veilig. Je voelt gewoon de liefde en toewijding voor haar vak, en ze weet altijd het juiste 'punt' te raken met haar naalden.


As an acupuncturist I am affiliated with the NVA and KAB. Nederlandse Vereniging voor Acupunctuur and Koepel Alternatieve Behandelwijzen (KAB).

This makes the treatment eligible for reimbursement (€25 to €45 per treatment) if you have additional insurance. Do you want to know whether your health insurer reimburses the treatment? Look here. Kijk hier

Privacy policy

Due to a new policy from 2008 regarding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), I am obliged to protect your data. 

I am also obliged to ask you for permission for treatment. This means that at the start of our sessions you fill in this agreement .

The agreement is signed during the first consultation so everything is well organized. Handy: fill in the form in advance.