Acupuncture uses thin sterile needles to clear blockages in the body and direct Qi.

With a treatment, the acupuncturist strives to remove existing blockages in Qi and body, because they are both the cause and the result of your imbalance.

During a treatment, several acupuncture points are pricked, which is usually experienced as relaxing.

I also often use the moxa lamp or moxa cones: moxa is dried mugwort herb which has a warming effect in the body and ensures the flow and reactivation of Qi. This warming effect also provides a relaxed feeling.

Five Elemental Coaching

In recent years I have become enormously fascinated by the teaching of the Five Elements.This teaching is based on Taoism. This philosophy states that everything in nature is energy, and that this energy moves in a flow of Yang (action) and Yin (rest). To achieve this, nature uses five energy movements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

This principle of action, rest and the elements is also reflected in our bodies and in society. Many of today's problems at the micro and macro level are due to an imbalance of Yin and Yang.

During the Five Elements Coaching we look together at the imbalances in your life and patterns: do you move through all the elements? Are you always busy and full of new ideas, but do you have difficulty relaxing? Or are you someone who worries and worries a lot, with little self-confidence and a lot of shame?

I will guide you through your request for help through dialogue, acupuncture, constellations and body work. 

Ik raad van harte iedereen aan zich te laten behandelen door Karen. Naast dat zij haar vak verstaat en secuur te werk gaat vond ik het enorm verrijkend haar gouden handen te voelen, handen die bruisen van levensenergie. Je voelt haar aanwezigheid en ze gaat met passie en een enorm sterk ontwikkelde intuïtie te werk.


De Alchemie van jouw Natuur is a new annual program, consisting of (separate) ceremonies. The Five Elements and the life of your Legend (soul) through elemental alchemy are central. Once a season we come together for a day and get to know one Element better.

This introduction takes place through workshops, Yin Yoga and emotionally liberating exercises. Sharing knowledge and skills is an important method for me. After all, it is man himself who has his own best medicine.

In addition to the ceremonies, I also occasionally teach yoga. Since September 2023 I have been a Yin Yoga teacher and affiliated with Yoga Alliance. Following this course is a valuable addition to my practice.

Many people have an imbalance in their Yin - they often have too little rest. This makes sense: we are always busy, hot on the heels of a deadline or all kinds of appointments. We find it difficult to really rest, sit still and meditate. Yin Yoga can help with this.

Feng Shui

In addition to acupuncture, I use feng shui in my work. I believe in the holistic approach to well-being, where we consider not only the physical, but also the energetic aspects of your living environment.

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice, focuses on creating harmony and balance in the living environment by optimizing Qi. By aligning the layout, colors, and decorations in your home with these principles, I also strive for a positive flow of energy outside our sessions that is beneficial to your state of mind and well-being.

Just as acupuncture restores energy balance in the body, Feng Shui can help optimize the energy in your living environment, which in turn has a positive impact on your overall well-being.

Because of my love for interior design and my sense of what is right and what is not, I agree on a perfect living space for you. During a session I offer a feng shui re-style of your (living) room.